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I have searched for years for an inexpensive and quick way to attach PET soda bottles to PVC piping for use in many projects such as bottleponic, hydroponic and aquaponic gardens, toys, experiments, dispensers, or whatever the imagination can come up with. has the solution!

Bottle Bushings are made from food grade PVC. A food grade EPDM O-ring (included) forms a seal around the neck of the bottle. The spigot end fits into a  1 inch Schedule 40 socket fitting.

soda bottle to pipe adapter bushing fitting connector coupler

How to use Bottle Bushings

Step 1:

Many plastic rings form a good seal against the Bottle Bushing. Try it first! If it is not a good seal, carefully remove the plastic ring. Avoid scratching the surface. 

Step 2: 

Place the  included o-ring over the neck of the bottle. Some uses require no seal at all.

Step 3:

Carefully glue the Bottle Bushing into a 1 inch schedule 40 pvc socket. Avoid getting glue on the internal thread or the top surface!

Step 4:

Screw the bottle into the Bottle Bushing. Thats it!

soda bottle to pipe adapter bushing connector fitting coupler



Here is a way to make a floating buoy that supports a solar landscape light, or a small flag or sign, to mark navigation hazards in your pond or lake. It is very stable on the water!



8- Bottle Bushings, 8- 2L soda bottles, 5- 1" pvc tees, 5- 1" pipe x 2" long, 1- 1" pipe x 6" long, 1-1" pvc coupler*, 1- 1/2"x1" pvc bushing*, suitable anchor chain or rope (chain adds extra stability), solar light, small flag, or sign*, pvc glue, silicone sealant*.


*The solar light used here fits in a 1/2" pipe socket (many do) so the coupler and bushing were used. Your application may differ. Whatever you use, seal the connection so rain water cannot enter the fittings.

Don't be limited by what you see here. Many other bottle quantities and fitting arrangements can be used! There are 5 way cross fittings, snap-on tees (which do not pass water so the rain water problem is eliminated) and more. Enjoy!

Fine print: Check with local authorities before placing buoys on a navigable waterbody!




Bottle Bushings are labeled "Not for Pressure". If you use the Bottle Bushing for pressure applications you agree to do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!, Rissy Plastics,llc, any distributor, or any reseller, shall NOT be held liable for any injury, death or property damage resulting from pressurization of any kind. 

Free shipping on US Sales only. 6.35%  Sales Tax applied to Connecticut sales. For foreign sales, larger quantities, or distributor/re-seller sales, please contact Rissy Plastics, llc at 860-482-1645 or email

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